About Us

Fine Jewelry born and raised for you

Our Philosophy

You set the gold bar. We simply strive to meet it.

We don’t just believe in the gold standard, we live by it. What started out as designing jewelry turned into an industry rebellion. And let’s be real, it was necessary.

Everything Has A Story To Tell

“My Jewellery is here to celebrate life with you”
The real pleasure is creating your own sources of joy and passion.
Driven by our ambition, and more than 6 years of experience in jewelry fieldand to this day, a touch of summer is part of Kryptonity DNA all year round.

we are committed to providing affordable stylish jewelry design that is accessible and wearable for everyone and we are very proud of the company we are today.

Over the years we have developed our brand, and this experience has taught us many lessons.

All of this has made us more ambitious than ever.

Our collections are inspired by your needs and desires, and we have expanded our collections To meet your needs

Our Designs

We’re a 21st century company so we use technology everywhere, especially when it comes to design. We’re also direct-to-consumer so we always can keep a direct line of communication with you, our community — no middlemen messing around.

“All jewelry is self-identifying, but Vinader takes this philosophy much more seriously, which perhaps accounts for her international success.”